Strict labor codes are in place to safeguard the well-being of our more than 1.500 employees. The management team reviews these codes regularly to ensure that compliance is maintained at the highest level all the time. We work according to the Non-Discriminatory Policy codes as deposited in the International Labor Organizations Convention. We make sure we always perform as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We meet on a regular basis with the employee representative to make sure we are aware of the issues that matter to our workers. Our goal is to offer help and assistance whenever and wherever needed.
Our workers receive extensive workplace safety training, and appropriate clothing and protection are worn at all times. In addition, Our workers are all legally employed and fully covered by social security.

We have our own medical station on site at the farms where a doctor and a nurse perform free health checks on the workers and/or assist them with health issues that may occur.

We offer a year round schooling program with two certified teachers at the farm's premises. The program takes place at our farms in the North East and benefits students between the age of 18 and 24. In this way, Ebraz invests in the future of the workforce in the region.

We treat our employees with candor and respect, we care about them and their working environment and we are proud and happy to share our success with them.