American Packing

The American Packing House was designed with all necessary infrastructure to ensure a high standard quality of our fruit, aligned with the American protocol of (HWT) Hydrothermal Treatment, which eliminates any trace of larvae that the fruits may have. This HWT is also required by some other markets such as Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina. This Packing House has the capacity to pack up to 20 tons per hour.

European Packing

Procedures are implemented on Ebraz European Packing House designed with all necessary machinery and equipment to ensure a high standard quality of the fruit.

Grape Packing

In our new state-of-the-art packing house Ebraz takes quality control, product quality and presentation to another level in our fully climatized packing area. We carefully clean the grape bunches from dirt and remove any berries that by appearance or size do not match our quality control parameters. All punnets and bags that are prepared at our facility are carefully weighted to ensure the correct net weight of our prepackaged product is always guaranteed. After the fruit is carefully packed and palletized, we instantly precool our fruit to the ideal storage temperatures to ensure optimal arrival conditions of the product at destination in our export markets.

Grape Cover

These protective covers shield our grapes from the rain while preserving their flavor and quality. In this way, we guarantee a harvest of excellence.

Photovoltaic Plant

We implemented 8 photovoltaic plants on our farms. In total they generate 1.700kWp. Check it in the photos!